My 366 Project | Week #33

225.366 || Athena really needs to work on her camera face but as you can see Lyra had got her fake smile down. After all you never know when someone will want to take your photo!

126.366 || Have I mentioned how much this little one loves the beach?! Despite living further than I’d like away from the coast we are trying to take her to the beach any chance we can. This weekend we’re in Cornwall, the weather is beautiful and we’re having a wonderful adventure.

227.366 || Another beautiful day in Cornwall and this time we headed to The Lost Gardens of Heligan. We all loved exploring amongst the flowers but none more so than Lyra. Weekend adventures are just my favourite thing ever.

228.366 || Baby wearing and toddler carrying, he takes it all in his stride and completely rocks this fatherhood thing. Lyra is up in his arms because she’d just fallen out with me due to a keep off the grass, piece of rope, runaway toddler disregarding the rules incident!

229.366 || Back home from our adventures and it’s a lazy day for us to recover after a very long journey yesterday. Athena spent a lot of time today practising her reaching and hitting. This baby stage seems to be going even quicker this time around, I’m sure it was only yesterday that she was a curled up sleepy newborn!

230.366 || Can there be anything better than a giant cardboard box and some felt tip pens?! Both Lyra and I had so much fun. Well until a certain little someone weed in the box that is.

231.366 || Walking amongst the flowers. Lyra taking a moment on her own to daydream and explore whilst we were out with friends.

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