My 366 Project | Week #32

218.366 || It’s another photo of Athena today since Lyra believes a vital part of potty training is to wear as few clothes as possible. It makes taking pictures of her more difficult but I’m not complaining because look at this cute, little chubby face I get to photograph!

219.366 || Today we walked pretty much all day in the glorious sunshine through the landscape around Avebury. I’m now very tired, a little sunburnt but so, so happy.

220.366 || It was a morning of chores and housework for us today before we ran away to the fair this afternoon. Despite how serious these two look in this photo they were both loving it! We went on rides, Lyra won a prize on the hook a duck and then we had icecream. It definitely made up for the morning of work!

221.366 || It can be a little rough being the little sister sometimes!
Today was a lovely, slow day. The kind of day that you stay in your pyjamas until lunchtime. I love those kind of days. Unfortunately it’s a boring day of housework planned for tomorrow but then we have a week of adventures and family. Bring it on.

222.366 || This little lady turned ten weeks old today. Ten weeks! She celebrated by dozing this morning, lulling me into a false sense of security and then refusing to be put down for the rest of the day!

224.366 || Ever since Lyra was a baby she’s been ever so nosey and would openly stare at people in the street. This has definitely not changed as she’s got older and combined with her ever growing vocabulary it’s making me nervous! I’m just waiting for the first embarrassing question or comment from her…

I know, I know I’m missing day 223. I have major camera problems, in fact my DSLR gave up this week and I’m waiting on a new one to arrive. I even took a photo for day 223 but then deleted it in all of the camera drama and I’m so annoyed at myself for doing it. Eurgh.

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