My 366 Project | Week #31

211.366 || Another day, another adventure. This getaway is doing us all the world of good.

212.366 || Not prepared for the beach at all but we didn’t let that stop us! Luckily we at least had a bucket and spade so this one was sorted.

213.366 || I have an almost identical photo to this of Matt led on his Mum’s kitchen floor on this blanket with Lyra when she was a baby. I just had to recreate it with Athena whilst we were there!

214.366 || The day after a holiday is always rough but luckily we had visitors to make it all better. Although once they had left Lyra went to sulk in a box!

215.366 || Lyra is obsessed with this Elsa crown she got on the front of a magazine. So much so that she even wore it in the bath! Also, look at that hair. Anyone that knows my daughter knows she was bald for so long but it’s finally growing. Admittedly it’s growing in a wild random pattern but it is at least growing and it suits her crazy personality perfectly.

216.366 || We made it out today! The way this week is going that feels like a major achievement and we all definitely benefited from the fresh air.

217.366 || Athena is becoming such a little smiler but she usually stops as soon as I get the camera out. I was pretty chuffed when I manage to capture this one!

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