Me and Mine | August

For some reason I’m really struggling with these photos this year. We went away for long weekends to both Wales and Cornwall this month and I didn’t manage to get a family photo either time despite going to some gorgeous places. Luckily we snapped a couple of photos on one of our weekend walks otherwise I wouldn’t have had any! I don’t know why one extra little person makes it so difficult to get a family photo but I need to try harder because both Athena and Lyra are changing so much at the moment and I want to make sure we document how our family looks right now.

Despite this month’s photos being quick selfies they are some of my favourite ever. I wish Athena was looking at the camera in the top photo but I love that you can see the the girls are holding hands. They have such a special bond already and I’m excited to see how it grows. I also love that Lyra looks like her Daddy’s double in this photo, her eyes especially.

I love these photos, they are just us enjoying being outside and being together but I hope that my girls grow up with countless memories of days just like this one. We already have a few of these kind of days planned in September as well as a family trip to Spain which I am ridiculously excited for. Lets just hope that I manage to get some family photos whilst we’re out there.

The Me and Mine Project

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