Avebury Walk #2 | Weekend Adventuring

Just after Athena was born Matt and I signed up to to do the Stonehenge and Avebury Walking Challenge which involves walking 50km over eight different walks (four around each site) and at the beginning of July we finally did the first Avebury walk. We had such a lovely day so, since we had nothing planned this weekend, we thought we’d attempt another one.

This time we chose to do the Avebury to Windmill Hill walk which, although longer than the walk we did in July also looked a little easier. Since it was 3.5 miles we knew that Lyra would never manage to walk the whole way so, as well as packing the Moby wrap for Athena, we also packed our new toddler Tula carrier for when Lyra tired. The weather was absolutely stunning for the entire day and it was just lovely to take our time and watch Lyra explore as we walked. We did make a slight miscalculation with lunch though as it ended up way past Lyra’s lunchtime with no shade in sight to stop and sit under! Luckily we eventually managed to find a tall bush to sit beside and eat our picnic before any toddler meltdowns occurred!

Despite our destination being called Windmill Hill we really didn’t notice the incline too much even when I was carrying Lyra but the views from the top were stunning. After that it was almost a straight line back down towards Avebury so Lyra walked again. Well, she actually ran most of the way until the inevitable happened. She went flying. It was quite a spectacular fall and since we were on a dirt track she really grazed her knee, so much in fact that she needed her first plaster. Cue Lyra spending the next ten minutes stopping every ten steps to check that the plaster was still there!

I think the walk took us about four hours in total and by the time we got back to Avebury we were desperately in need of ice cream. Luckily we easily found somewhere that was selling some because I think I would have cried if not! Carrying a two year old in that heat was no joke but it was so fun to adventure with her on my back. I can’t wait for the next one!

As always Matt filmed our little adventure and you can catch up on videos of past weekend adventures over on our YouTube channel.

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