A Trip to Wales | Weekend Adventuring

Matt and I are really lucky that all of our parents live in beautiful parts of the country so it’s always lovely to get a chance to visit. Last week Matt took a couple of days off work and we drove over to Wales. We travelled down on the Thursday morning and after being mighty proud of ourselves for actually leaving early like we wanted to, we travelled through the rain and actually made it before lunch. After lunch and catching up it was out in search of adventure despite the weather. We headed to Gors Fawr but we only managed a short walk due to rain and general sogginess of the ground. I don’t mind Lyra being out whatever the weather but I’m still nervous about Athena since she’s only eight weeks old. The views were absolutely stunning though and Lyra definitely enjoyed the chance to run around after being in the car all morning.

Friday the weather had cleared up quite a bit although we were still far from the hot, sunny days that you expect in August. After spending way too long trying to get the little ones (and ourselves) ready to go we headed to Bosherton and walked down to the beach. It turned out we weren’t very prepared at all as we forgot something to sit on and snacks/drinks for the adults. I’m pretty organised when it comes to the girls but I am absolutely rubbish at remembering that I might also need things! Anyone else like that or is it just me?

The sun came out whilst we were on the beach and Lyra had so much fun making sandcastles with her Daddy. She stomped around in her wellies and generally had a great time exploring the beach and collecting water in her bucket. Just as we were leaving to start the walk back to the car Lyra decided to slide down a sand dune on her front which resulted in a lot of sand all over her face. I swear that girl is so tough though, she didn’t even seem to notice it and continued rolling around and laughing.

After our long walk it was way past time for food and everyone except the children were beyond hungry. So off in search of lunch we went and luckily we found some despite it being four o’clock and the cafe almost refusing to serve it at that time. After lunch one lucky little girl got an ice lolly so all in all I think it was a pretty perfect day for Lyra. Well, that would be until she threw up on the way back in the car. Eurgh.

We had managed to squeeze so much into our first day and a half in Wales and the weather just got better and better but since this post already has a lot of photos I’m probably better off filling you in on our Saturday fun in another post.

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