A Trip to Cornwall | Weekend Adventuring

Another weekend, another adventure. The summer months just make me crave a little getaway so although we only went to Wales a couple of weeks ago we thought we’d head to Cornwall to visit family. We set off as early as we could manage on the Saturday morning so that we could make it Cornwall as early as possible but after stopping halfway for a pastry and coffee/juice/milk break and then stopping again when Lyra threw up her pastry we didn’t make it to our destination until after lunch. After a quick stop to unload the car, clean Lyra’s car seat, change clothes and eat some lunch we jumped back in the car and headed to the beach.

Lyra loves the beach. Unlike in Wales we actually remembered her swimsuit and swim nappies so she was fully prepared for the sea and she really made the most of it. Despite the water being pretty darn chilly she ran in and out laughing her head off and dragging us after her. We carried the push chair on to the beach to give us a shady spot for Athena to lie in and I’m so glad we did because, despite it being late afternoon the sun was still really strong. It took us ages to drag Lyra away from the beach as every time we got her cleaned up she threw herself in the sand so she would have to go back in the sea to rinse herself off again.

Sunday was our only full day in Cornwall so to make the most of it we packed a picnic and headed to The Lost Gardens of Heligan. Unfortunately our camera battery died really early into the day so I don’t have many pictures which I’m so sad about because the place was gorgeous and very photogenic and I’m pretty sure I could have taken hundreds of photos if I’d had the chance. We walked so far in the heat so it was unsurprising that Lyra wore herself out and needed to be carried for the last half hour. Eurgh, carrying a toddler in the heat is never fun. Although we did reward ourselves with ice cream before we left, mine was salted caramel and rhubarb which was delicious!

Before we knew it it was Monday and time to head home. To make the most of our day we stopped at Cotehele on the way home for a little explore. The last time we went there was about three or four years ago so it was fun to visit again with Lyra. After the quickest walk through a National Trust building that has ever been thanks to Lyra we went to wander through the grounds. And there was so much to explore. We walked all the way through the valley garden and down to the Quay where we ate lunch before it was time to go back to the car and start our journey home. A journey that would take us six hours! Two of those were just trying to get out of Exeter services which was a little like torture with two small children on a hot day but eventually we were home and exhausted from our adventures. Time to plan the next one now.

As always Matt filmed our little adventure and you can catch up on videos of past weekend adventures over on our YouTube channel.

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  1. 21st August 2016 / 8:59 pm

    It looks like you had such a lovely weekend. I wish we were close enough to go to Cornwall for a weekend, it's my favourite part of the country x

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