Weekend Adventuring | Avebury Walk #1

The weekend before last we headed up to London to watch my little brother get married. It was such a fun weekend but it was busy! The train journey, navigating London, and sharing a hotel room with a two year old and a three week old is hardly a stress free experience. Therefore this weekend we wanted to take it a little slower especially as we have another busy, fun filled weekend planned next week. The weather forecast was originally pretty dire but the sun came out and surprised us so we thought we’d go out for a family walk.

A few weeks ago we signed up to do the Stonehenge and Avebury Walking Challenge which involves walking 50km over eight different walks. As you’ve probably noticed on this blog, we go to a lot of National Trust properties but we’ve done all of the ones close to us a number of times. Of course we love going back time and time again but sometimes we want to try something new and that’s where we thought this challenge would come in handy. The maps look nice and easy to follow which is a good job as I am completely useless at following directions! Since it would be our first walk with Athena we decided to pick the shortest/easiest looking route which happened to be around Silbury Hill and set off.

We had the best day! I can’t even describe why except that I loved taking our time and just watching Lyra explore as we walked. The sun was out, there was hardly another person in sight and Matt and I didn’t look at our phones once the whole time we were out. We were all just in the moment enjoying being together. The walk took us twice as long as the map advised us it would but that was hardly surprising given the length of Lyra’s legs and her tendency to get distracted by every flower and bug we passed. I was so impressed by Lyra though as the walk was three miles long and the only times we had to carry her were along a short stretch of road and as we were going up a hill. She is such a good walker and didn’t complain once, in fact she filled the day with laughter and dancing. So cute!

I even felt inspired to take photos again (hence the sheer quantity in this post) which, after weeks of having to force myself to get my camera out, was so refreshing. I just wish I had more photos of Athena but since she was strapped to me in the Moby wrap it wasn’t really possible. I really feel like we’re coming out of that newborn, sleep deprived haze and this weekend was the first glimpse of what we have to look forward to. The adventures we will have as a family of four.

Matt filmed a little video of our walk which includes my crazy scared reaction to some cows! Oh dear, isn’t it great when these moments are saved forever?!

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