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Matt and I love books. It’s something that we bonded over during the early stages of our relationship and we hoped that we’d be able to pass on our passion for reading down to our children one day. Lyra has always had a bedtime story (or three) read to her every night by her Daddy and she often brings me books during the day, climbing up on to my lap and asking me to read it to her. In the past few months she’s also started taking a book in to the corner on her own and ‘reading’ it to herself, batting me away if I offer to read it to her. I thought that hearing her babble away to herself was the cutest thing ever. I was wrong!

It’s no secret on this blog that Lyra is completely smitten with her little sister. She wants to be close to her at all times, the first thing she does when she comes into our room in the morning is give her a kiss, and she tries to include her in everything. I was sorting through some of the girl’s clothes this week so I had popped Athena on the bed in Lyra’s room and before I knew it Lyra had climbed up next to her. She then demanded a blanket to cover both of them and a pile of books to ‘read’ to her little sister. All thoughts of sorting through clothes quickly disappeared and my heart became a puddle on the floor as I watched Lyra with Athena. It was like getting a beautiful glimpse into the future and I’m sure Athena will become a book lover too, how could she not with such a great reading companion?!

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