Portraits of my Children | 28/52


This week was a busy one for my little family, we spent four days down in Dorset with my family and spent the weekend at one of my closest friend’s wedding. I didn’t take any photos at the wedding though as I was a bridesmaid so wanted to focus on that and enjoying the day but these two little girls were absolutely adorable and so well behaved.

Athena’s photo this week was taken after we’d put her cot next to the bed all ready for her first night in it. I can’t believe that she has already outgrown the Moses Basket and we’re at this stage already but here we are. And she slept so much better as she had been waking herself up by hitting the sides of the basket in the night.

Lyra’s picture was taken on a walk we took with my Mum and Grandma the day after the wedding. She was really worn out from all the excitement but still enjoyed exploring and loved the flowers that her Great Grandma picked for her!

Linking up with What the Redhead Said and her Living Arrows. You can catch up on previous weeks here.

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  1. 17th July 2016 / 7:17 pm

    Wow, you can really see how much Athena has grown already! Such beautiful photos x

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