My Sisters in July

I can’t believe that I’m already writing my second siblings post. I have had two daughters for over a month now and I still can’t quite believe it sometimes. When I wrote last months update I spoke about how well everything was going between them and as I typed it I thought to myself that surely it was just a fluke. That the next month would be harder, that Lyra would start kicking off when she realised that Athena was here to stay. I would be lying if I said that this month hasn’t been a bit of struggle but it has also been so rewarding.

Lyra has got more vocal about us putting Athena down when she wants our attention. She’s lost a little patience and I’m having to try and juggle their needs more than in the first month. The novelty of her little sister has not work off though and Lyra has asked to hold Athena every single day. When she comes into our room in the morning the first thing she does is come and say good morning to her sister and before she goes up for her bath she has to kiss Athena good night. Or Thee as she calls her as Athena is a bit of a mouthful for our two year old.

Athena has started smiling in the past week as well so Lyra spends a lot of time each day trying to get a grin out of her. There is a lot of nose beeping and peekaboo happening right now and it never fails to make me happy to see them together. I can only imagine how much sweeter the moment will be when I can hear both of their giggles as they play together. I can’t wait. Athena moved into a cot in our room a few nights ago and Lyra has been obsessed with it ever since. She asked to be lifted into it one morning and I couldn’t resist so popped her in then proceeded to take hundreds of photos whilst keeping an eye out to make sure Lyra didn’t squish Athena. I love them all but these last two make me laugh because they really sum up their relationship right now and the struggle of being a younger sibling!

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