My 366 Project | Week #29

197.366 || Matt worked from home today to look after Lyra as I had an appointment. Obviously I can’t leave Athena yet so we had a little date just the two of us which was nice. I mean it was a Drs appointment and Athena slept the whole time so wasn’t the best company but it was still nice!

198.366 || We were supposed to be productive today but instead we stayed in our pyjamas until lunchtime, had a Sunday roast for Saturday dinner, and let Lyra stay up past her bedtime to help us make (and eat) cookies! Feeling like we won at life today if I’m honest.

199.366 || Our Sunday adventure was a little tougher than usual as our biggest little one just wasn’t feeling it. There were a lot of tears and tantrums and a LOT of patience was needed but there were also lots of cuddles and love and even some laughter. We all have our off days and Lyra is lucky enough to have her Daddy there to carry her through them.

200.366 || There are no lovely fun photos in the sunshine from us yesterday. In fact I’m surprised I remembered to get a photo at all especially one where Athena looks so cute! Athena cried pretty much all day which stopped Lyra from napping which led to toddler tantrums. There were also poo explosions and a flooded bathroom floor to top it all off. Eurgh.

201.366 || All of those stupid clich├ęs about falling in love with your husband more when you see them become a father are completely true in my case! The way he looks at our daughters gives me butterflies, oh my I love him.

202.366 || How is she already cooler than me?! This little one is starting to show an interest in what she’s wearing now and wants to choose her own things more and more, especially the accessories!

203.366 || Bath and bed routine is completely Matt’s domain as it gives him some quality time with Lyra after work. I usually leave them to it but I couldn’t resist sneaking up and taking some photos today!

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