My 366 Project | Week #28

190.366 || Whilst Lyra is spending the night with her grandparents Athena and I are sleeping in a tipi and getting excited for the wedding tomorrow! Well once Athena woke from her nap obviously.

191.366 || What a wonderful day! I didn’t take many photos at all as I was pretty busy with my bridesmaid duties and with enjoying myself. I did however have to capture one of my girls in their dresses. They were so adorable!

192.366 || Proudly clutching the flowers that her Great Grandma picked for her. Matt and I survived a night in a tipi with a two year old and a newborn and what’s more, we actually got some sleep! Today was for blustery walks, roast dinner and cuddling up with family. Perfect end to our weekend.

193.366 || Athena has outgrown her Moses basket already so tonight is her first night in a cot. Why does time seem to be going even faster this time round?! How is that fair?!

194.366 || Today Lyra rejected all of her usual soft toys in favour of a book on our morning adventure and then proceeded to stop halfway through to sit down and ‘read’ it. What can I say?! I like this girl’s style.

195.366 || Lyra is fascinated by Athena’s cot and today insisted I lift her up into it. Cue me taking hundreds of cute photos of the two of them whilst making sure Lyra didn’t squish her little sister!

196.366 || I could get used to this weather. The only time we popped home today was for some lunch and we all ended the day in such a good mood. A little sunshine is good for the soul.

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