My 366 Project | Week #27

183.366 || I survived my first full week with Matt back at work. I mean this was the chaos of our Friday afternoon but I survived!

184.366 || Today was just wonderful. There is nothing better than time spent with my family on a little outdoors adventure. We went on a three mile walk around Avebury and Lyra managed almost the whole thing! I’m glad she needed to be picked up at some points though because I managed to snap this photo of Matt and Lyra whilst he was carrying her along the road and it’s one of my new favourites!

185.366 || I still have to pinch myself sometimes. How have I got so lucky for a second time?! Love this little lady, she (along with her big sister and their daddy) is my happy.

186.366 || Don’t let the tranquillity of this photo fool you. Athena cried to be picked up almost immediately and it was still the longest she let me put her down for all day! Luckily Lyra was a little angel today, I’m not sure how I would have coped if they were both playing up.

187.366 || We made the most of the sunshine today and this little one couldn’t have been happier. Park in the morning then play date in the garden all afternoon, it doesn’t get any better when you’re two!

188.366 || Making the most of the sunshine whilst we have it. I love being out and about with my little ones.

189.366 || As soon as we arrived at my parents’ house Lyra headed straight for the toys, chose the caterpillar and decided to take it for a walk outside. She is ridiculously cute at the moment, she sat on the step having a conversation with the caterpillar for ages!

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