My 366 Project | Week #26

176.366 || We’ve headed up to London for a few days to watch my little brother get married! Despite having to pack almost the entire house for one weekend (why do such little people need so much stuff?!) the journey was pretty stress free. Lyra is loving people watching and exploring new surroundings whilst Athena is loving snoozing in the Moby wrap. Must admit I’m not looking forward to sharing a room with them both tonight though!

177.366 || The reality of weddings with a two year old!
I really didn’t take many photos during the wedding as I was enjoying myself too much and trying to keep an eye on both children who both made lots of friends. Benefit of being the only children at a wedding I guess!

178.366 || The morning after the night before.
These two sleeping beauties were complete stars at the wedding and I couldn’t have been prouder. It was a late night though so a little lie in was needed before the journey back to Bath.

179.366 || We’ve had a nice relaxed day today which was very much needed after the craziness that was our weekend. I am so in love with this photo of Lyra ‘reading’ to Athena that I managed to grab this afternoon. When I say that Lyra is smitten with her sister I’m really not exaggerating!

180.366 || Our garden is starting to look like a jungle due to neglect but Lyra is loving exploring it still. She’s actually chatting to a snail in this photo!

181.366 || I can’t believe that this little lady is one month old tomorrow! Time is really flying by and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

182.366 || My greatest wish for you my little one is that you stay curious.

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