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It feels ages since I last posted about our weekend adventures. The weeks just seem to be flying by, Athena is now eight weeks old, and we’re already more than halfway through the year. This past weekend we really felt the need to slow it down a little, we’ve done a lot the past month (including two weddings) so we just wanted to have a lazy weekend close to home. The weather forecast wasn’t too bad though so we headed to a local lavender farm, Somerset Lavender, for a wander round and of course some photos!

I’ve never been in a lavender field before and oh my they are so pretty! I wanted to take photos of absolutely everything and especially of my girls in it. Athena is obviously still very difficult to capture when out and about as she is usually tucked up in a wrap but Lyra walked straight in the middle of the field and started examining lavender giving me the perfect opportunity to take photos of her. As easy as Lyra is to photograph candidly at the moment she has the shortest attention span when it comes to posing for photos. I tried to quickly take some family photos before she ran off but looking back through them when I got home I was disappointed to see they’re out of focus. I took a few of Lyra and Athena together which are cute but it’s pretty obvious by Lyra’s face that she is bored with the picture taking. I guess I’m just going to have to accept that I’m not going to have any nice posed photos of us all together for a while.

We didn’t stay too long but had such a lovely time wandering around and taking photos before Lyra threw a tantrum and we decided to head off in search of food. Food was difficult to come by and we ended up driving to a couple of different places but you can see all of that in the vlog Matt made of our day below.

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