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If you’ve spent any time on my blog you may have noticed that I love taking photos. It’s always something I’ve enjoyed doing, I feel it’s the perfect way of preserving memories but since I’ve had children it has become even more important to me. I want to capture all of those big and little moments of my daughter’s childhoods so that we can look back at them someday. They are both changing so much, so quickly, that it’s the only thing short of a time machine that helps me hold onto the memory of them as babies. Obviously Athena is still a small baby at the moment but even she is growing at an alarming rate!

This year I’ve embarked on a couple of photo projects not least being my 366 challenge and so I almost constantly have my camera on me now. I’m also doing weekly update photos of Athena in her first year as well as portraits of both girls every week. Series of photos are one of my favourite things to look back but doing so many has made me worry recently that I’m not ‘in the moment’ enough. I worry that I might be missing things because I’m too focused on the next photo that I’d like to capture or adjusting settings on my camera. I try to only shoot candidly and not pose the girls (Athena’s weekly updates aside) so that I don’t interrupt their play and so that I capture authentic moments and I don’t worry too much about settings and getting the ‘perfect’ photo but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it took time anyway.

And then, a few days ago, we were walking back from Athena’s six week check at the doctors. We were walking along our favourite stretch of path, Lyra was dawdling and I was eager to get home for no other reason than I needed a sit down and wanted to get lunch ready. I was impatient and kept trying to hurry Lyra along as she stopped to look at every leaf, plant, stone, whatever. I remembered that I hadn’t taken my photo for the day so I stopped and got my camera out. And something magical happened. I stopped trying to hurry Lyra along, I stopped interrupting her exploration and I just sat back and watched whilst taking some photos. Trying to get my photo for the day actually forced me to be in the moment. Instead of dragging a grumpy toddler home we played for twenty minutes with sticks and a muddy puddle. Lyra absolutely loved it and I was instantly in a better mood. I knew photography was a great way of recording memories but now I feel like it also helps us to create them. I feel so much better about carrying my camera around constantly getting it out to snap pictures because it forces me to slow down, look at the world around me a little more and be ‘in the moment’.

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  1. 17th July 2016 / 6:40 pm

    I love this because I am the same, I have the same worries but I think it definitely makes me more aware to enjoy the moment too. Lovely photos X

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