The First Week | Athena Grace

We spent the first 48 hours of Athena’s life in the hospital and I was so, so eager to get home. We had made the decision not to bring Lyra in to the hospital to meet Athena and instead wait until we were back home. I thought that since Lyra is so young she wouldn’t really understand the idea of a new baby sister and she certainly wouldn’t enjoy seeing me for a bit and then having to leave again. Even though I knew that we were making the right decision it was so difficult to be away from Lyra for so long. I’d never spent the night away from her so 48 hours was torture. But, eventually, we were home and it was all worth it. Seeing Lyra meet Athena is easily one of the best moments of my life so far. Lyra’s face lit up, she examined every inch of Athena and gave kisses before demanding we got Athena out so she could hold her. So cute!

Since that first meeting Lyra has wanted to hold Athena every day, she’s wanted to lie next to her on the floor and cuddle up next to her whilst I’m breastfeeding. I’m so proud of how wonderful and gentle Lyra has been. We’ve taken this week slowly but still managed to get out and about a little. Visitors were kept to a minimum to give us a chance to bond as a family of four and we’ve just enjoyed getting to know each other. There have been trips to the park, baking, a National Trust visit and registering Athena’s birth.

Amongst the fun memories of Athena’s first week there were tough parts of course. Sleep deprivation, hospital visits and toddler tantrums to name but a few. But I know that when I look back on this time all I will remember is the love. Matt filmed Athena’s first week and I think I love it even more than the film of her first 48 hours which is saying something. Oh, this video will be one I watch over and over when I’m old and grey.

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