My 366 Project | Week #25

169.366 || I seem to make such serious babies! She is so cute though and so alert too. More alert than I remember Lyra being at this age.

170.366 || The thing about having a second child is that there’s not as much chance for one to one time. I used to sit and watch Lyra for hours when she was first born and I just don’t have that luxury now. Some days it gets me down a little but I am definitely soaking up every moment I can steal alone with Athena and this time round I get the added joy of seeing my girls together!

171.366 || Happy Father’s Day! I wanted a photo of Matt with both of his daughters for today’s photo but the thing with two year olds is that they’re often uncooperative. Luckily the littlest can’t protest yet!

172.366 || So I survived my first few hours on my own with both children. Tomorrow is the real test though as it’s my first full day with them. Fingers crossed it goes ok and I can keep them both entertained.
I’m getting so frustrated at how slow my recovery has been this time. I just want to be out exploring with my little ones but my body is forcing me to stay close to home. Luckily I have some wonderful people in my life who have been taking Lyra out to make sure she still gets some adventures. Today she brought me back these flowers!

173.366 || My first day of solo parenting whilst Matt was at work and I guess it went ok? I took this photo in the morning when I was feeling pretty good about the fact both children were napping at the same time but in reality the day went downhill after this. In fact I’m not sure the littlest really slept for the rest of the day which left her exhausted and screaming. Which of course led to a jealous fed up toddler who spent her time crying or playing up. Eurgh! It was only day one though and I’m sure we’ll all get the hang of it soon. Although I’m happy to say I’m not on my own again until Monday as Matt has some time off!

174.366 || This t-shirt was a birthday present from Matt and this evening it sums up both my day and this journey called motherhood. It is covered in snot as Lyra has come down with a cold, sick as Athena chose to treat me with that when I picked her up, tears from when my hyperactive toddler bumped her head and bolognese since kisses couldn’t wait until faces had been wiped. Life is messy and chaotic and so, so full of love!

175.366 || Some things are so important that you drag your two unwell, snotty children out of the house for. Voting is one of them. Prolonging the ordeal so I can get the perfect picture is not. So this is todays photo, it’s certainly not my best but be grateful it’s not one of me covered in children’s snot and spit up because that’s how the rest of the day looked!

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