My 366 Project | Week #24

162.366 || Life seems so much busier this time around and it’s hard to find the time to document all of the little things. Today though I finally took some photos and I’m glad I did as these feet will not stay this small for long!

163.366 || So, here we are, at the start of my last year as a twenty something. I look a lot different to how I did in my first year as a twenty something and to be honest that’s ok because I feel a lot different. So much has changed in those years and as I look at this photo I’m finally happy with who I’ve become. I’ve had the best birthday with my little family and I’m going to bed a very happy woman.

164.366 || A Dad and his littlest girl, so cute to see them together. Although if I’m completely honest Matt’s singing to her here because he had put a leaf on her head which he hadn’t realised was covered in bugs! Haha.

165.366 || I honestly believe that Athena is the best gift I could have ever given Lyra. I can’t wait to see their relationship develop and their bond grow.

166.366 || Athena’s first bath. She wasn’t the biggest fan!

167.366 || I grew this strawberry! It’s the first thing I’ve ever grown and it tasted delicious.

168.366 || Some last minute Father’s Day crafting going on in our house today. I love watching Lyra get creative.

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