My 366 Project | Week #23

155.366 || Our first full day as a family of four and our first family photo. I think you can tell that Lyra had already claimed ownership over poor little Athena. Haha.

156.366 || First trip out in the Moby wrap today and I couldn’t stop looking down to check out those cheeks! Felt good to be babywearing again and I’m excited for all of the adventures we can go on once I’m fully healed.

157.366 || How did I get so lucky?! We’re spending our days getting to know each other and staying close to home as I recover. I’m loving all of this family time!

158.366 || Today could easily have been classed as a bad day. A lot of things went wrong and we learnt that Matt has to return to work earlier than expected. But we received some lovely thoughtful gifts from lovely thoughtful people and we headed out for our first little family adventure. And as I watched Lyra running around, exploring, and chasing her daddy whilst I carried Athena, I thought to myself how can it ever really be a bad day with these people in my life?!

159.366 || Today we registered Athena! She is officially a person now. We also had some photos taken of her for her passport as we go away on holiday in August. These were the best photos we could manage, poor child! I promise she doesn’t really look like that, haha.

160.366 || I’m surprised it’s taken me a week to share a breastfeeding photo to be honest as I spend most of my time nursing Athena. I’m so happy that she’s taken to feeding so well and I’m on this journey with her. We’ve had a stressful couple of days but I always feel calmer and more grounded when I’m nursing her.

161.366 || My eldest daughter. A little hurricane, this picture sums her up perfectly. Wild hair, dirty face and a big grin!

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