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I remember when Lyra was born. We hardly left the house for the first two weeks of her life whilst Matt was on paternity leave, we stayed inside just trying to get used to being parents. This time, when Athena was born, we don’t have that luxury as we have a toddler who is happiest when outdoors. Pair that with the many hospital appointments we’ve had in the past week and I just felt so sorry for Lyra that we had to get out and about. And so we found ourselves at the Courts Garden in Holt one afternoon when Athena was only six days old.

Lyra was so ridiculously excited when she realised we were heading out on a little adventure and as we entered the garden she ran in before promptly falling over, grazing her elbow, and bursting into tears! Luckily it was nothing that a hug and a biscuit couldn’t solve and before we knew it she was off exploring. It was so nice to see Lyra back in her element, picking up sticks and examining flowers. And of course the whole thing was made so much more wonderful by having Athena wrapped up on my chest. I’m so happy that Athena seems so content in the wrap as I loved wearing Lyra and all through my pregnancy I had been looking forward to repeating the experience. There’s just something so special about having your newborn so close to you, I love it.

It was already the afternoon by the time we arrived and so the garden was quite quiet, perfect for our adventurous toddler. She could run around all over the place without disrupting others and boy did she take advantage of that! Luckily Matt was there to chase her and run off exploring with her as I’m still recovering and so am pretty slow at getting around. Our trip also resulted in my first public breastfeed with Athena and what a lovely place to have it. The whole afternoon was so relaxed and fun filled and has got me very excited for future adventures. I can’t help but picture our future with two little girls running off together discovering nature and throwing themselves into adventure. How can I be anything other than excited?!

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