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Last week I shared what I had packed in my hospital bag in case anyone was in need of any inspiration and today I thought I’d share what I’ve packed in Baby’s hospital bag. The baby’s bag is much more interesting anyway since it’s full of tiny newborn clothes! Like I mentioned in my last post I’m a light packer so I know that this won’t seem like a lot to most of you but I think I’ve got the essentials and I’m really hoping that I’m not in hospital too long.

So, here’s a quick run down of what I’ve packed in baby’s hospital bag:

A necessity with a newborn! I think I’ve packed 10 in the baby’s bag and then popped another 10 in my hospital bag as I had a lot of room in there. We’ll also have some extras in the boot of the car just in case I’m in hospital longer than expected as newborns go through so many.

Cotton Wool and Water
I know that a lot of people use wipes straight away but we used cotton wool and water with Lyra exclusively for the first six weeks and we never had any problems. We have bought some Water Wipes this time around as we have two weddings to attend in the first month of baby’s life, one of which involves a weekend in London, but I’m not going to take them to the hospital.

Baby Clothes
I’ve packed three sleep suits and three vests for baby and they’re all in size up to one month. Lyra was 8lb 9oz and almost two foot long when she was born and so never wore any newborn clothing at all and I’m expecting this baby to follow suit. I’ve found that the up to one month size bridges the gap nicely between newborn and 0-3 months so fingers crossed we’ll be fine with those. All three sleep suits have integrated scratch mitts so no need to pack separate ones which is definitely for the best as I hated them last time! Oh, and I’ve packed a couple of thin hats for baby as well.

Muslins and Blanket
I’ve packed, I think, three muslins and one thin white blanket. I’ll also pack a slightly thicker blanket with the car seat for the journey home but I’m sure at this time of year we’ll only need a thin one in the hospital. Muslins are obviously useful for those inevitable spills although we didn’t use them too much at the hospital last time, they really came into their own when we got home, my milk had come in and Lyra would spit up a lot more.

Going Home Outfit
We settled on this extremely cute duck sleep suit for baby to come home from the hospital in, complete with matching hat. It’s perfect for our little yellow bump. I’ve also packed the cardigan that we brought Lyra home in because I’m just sentimental like that and love the idea of our second child wearing it as well especially since it was knitted by Matt’s Mum. I’ve popped a thicker hat in the bag as well just in case the weather isn’t great and baby needs a little extra warmth on the way out to the car.

As with my bag I’ve shared everything that I’ve packed in a short video which I’d love if you could watch and of course please let me know if there’s anything that you think I should have packed which I haven’t.

Matt has also shared what he’s packed to take to the hospital. I think it’s all too easy to forget about the Dad but knowing that he’s got everything he needs definitely takes a weight off my mind. He’s even got his own snacks as I most certainly will not want to share! Here’s his video:

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