Weekend Adventuring | Sutton Lane Meadows

Last weekend was reserved for baby preparation. We needed to wash the Moses basket and car seat as well as give the house a deep clean and sort through both baby’s and Lyra’s clothes. We did really well on Saturday and managed to get through a lot of jobs but by Sunday the lovely sunny weather had got to us and we just couldn’t miss out on any more of it. We didn’t want to be out too long but wanted to explore somewhere new and let Lyra run off some steam. And so we thought we’d try Sutton Lane Meadows.

Sutton Lane Meadows is a series of three National Trust meadows managed as traditional hay meadows and full of wild flowers. We were just a little too early for some wild flowers as it was mostly dandelions filling the meadows but we packed ourselves a picnic and just enjoyed the sunshine. It was absolutely perfect. We only saw two other couples the whole time we were there and those were only brief sightings. Lyra was free to run and explore, she loved investigating all of the different flowers and there were even some sticks for her to play with so she was in heaven. We ate our picnic and then just had a slow wander (which is pretty much all I can manage at the moment anyway) whilst Lyra ran ahead. Or I took a step back and watched Lyra and Matt play together which is always my idea of a good time as they are so cute together. We’ve already made plans to head back for another picnic once the new little one is here and I’m hoping I’ll be able to get some cute photos of both of my children there! 

Here is our weekend vlog showing what we got up to in a little more
detail. The video actually shows our Saturday of baby preparation and family time as well if you’re interested.

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