Weekend Adventuring | Our Last Weekend as a Family of Three?

Tomorrow is my due date and this weekend we definitely had that feeling of ‘what if this is our last weekend as a family of three’. I know that chances are I will go overdue and so we might have next weekend (or heaven forbid, the weekend after as well) but even if we do I can imagine I’m going to be feeling pretty fed up by that point. As much as we wanted to make the most of this weekend we didn’t plan any big exciting adventures. One, because I’m really not able to walk too far or do too much without getting exhausted at the moment and two, because we felt that the most important thing was just being together. And so that’s what we did. We just spent time together and it was so much fun.

Saturday the weather wasn’t great anyway so going out wasn’t really on the cards. We ticked a few more jobs off our to do list, watched a couple of Disney films (Lyra’s favourite at the moment is 101 Dalmatians) and baked some biscuits. Perfect rainy weekend day I’d say. Well, apart from Lyra refusing to nap which resulted in a very grumpy half hour at about four o’clock. So grumpy in fact that we wrapped her up in her waterproofs and wellies and let her run it off in the garden in the rain. She couldn’t believe her luck and just kept running up and down the length of the garden. By the time that she came back inside for her dinner she was in a much better mood.

Sunday the weather was much better so after Lyra took a nap (Yes!) and we’d had some lunch we headed to a local park for a slow wander round and explore. Well, I wandered slowly. Lyra ran off in every direction shouting ‘chase me chase me’ whilst Matt happily obliged. It was so unbelievably cute to watch and a perfect way to spend what could be our last day as a threesome. I just can’t wait to see how another little one slots into this life that we’ve built. Lyra took a bag out with her on our walk and filled it with all of the treasures that she could find which was mostly leaves, flowers and stones.

Once back from our walk we decorated the biscuits that we’d baked the day before. Well, we practically let Lyra do it by herself which resulted in some very colourful, unique biscuits! It was just fun to take the weekend slowly, not have anything planned and just enjoy each others company. So, baby, if you want to join us this week I would be very happy with that. We’re ready for you!

Here is our weekend vlog showing what we got up to in a little more
detail. You can really see how into baking Lyra gets in the video in a way that the photos can’t really show.

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  1. 24th May 2016 / 9:28 pm

    It looks like you had such a lovely weekend – I can't wait to hear your news! x

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