My 366 Project | Week #20

134.366 || Friday the 13th. Lyra was a little devil all day, I walked way too far for this stage of pregnancy and to top it all off I broke my phone. Despite spending the whole day outside I didn’t manage to get a photo of Lyra so I guess I’ll have to settle for some pretty flowers! Tomorrow is another day.

135.366 || We’ve spent the day preparing the house for the new arrival, we’re not quite there yet but I’m feeling a little more ready at least. As I was upstairs sorting through baby clothes I looked through the window to see these two playing football. Gosh I love them and I can’t wait until we have a new little one to love as well!

136.366 || We decided to skip out on housework today and instead have a picnic in the sunshine. Definitely one of our better adult decisions. As the baby’s due date gets closer I find the need to really make the most of the time we have left as a family of three.

137.366 || I’ve got to the stage in pregnancy where I’m happiest close to home so Lyra and I have spent the day enjoying the garden. Lyra especially enjoyed the chalk today, look at my little artist!

138.366 || Finally finished packing the hospital bags so feeling a little more prepared for baby. This is baby’s coming home outfit including the cardigan that Lyra came home from the hospital in! Can’t wait to see the new little one in it.

139.366 || Matt worked from home today to help out and keep me company so Lyra thought that she’d ‘help out’ with his work in return!

140.366 || Rainy day baking. Lyra made and decorated these almost completely by herself and she was so proud! She may have also decorated her clothes and her face but I can forgive her for that because now I have cake to eat.

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