My 366 Project | Week #19

127.366 || We drove down to my parents this evening after Lyra’s bedtime and since she was fast asleep in the car we thought we’d be safe having a cheeky burger king for dinner. She woke up grumpy and demanding to join in with a chip or two just as we started eating though so I guess that’s her first taste of fast food… Oops!

128.366 || Little one, I hope that you realise how lucky you are to have this man as your daddy. He always takes the time to show you the world around you and loves you unconditionally (he even wears your sunglasses in public just to make you smile)

129.366 || Picking flowers in the sunshine with family makes for a perfect weekend. We had such a lovely day at Stourhead and Lyra was exhausted by the end of it from all of the running around and exploring she did.

130.366 || Even the most mundane jobs, like making the bed after washing the bedding, become fun with this loon around!

131.366 || Lyra is teething. Her last couple of molars are just coming through and I can’t wait for this teething phase to be over (well until baby starts)!

132.366 || Bump and I had the house to ourselves for a couple of hours today. The plan was to be productive. The reality was a nap.

133.366 || I have no idea what these two are looking at but I sure want to join them on their adventure.

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