My 366 Project | Week #18

120.366 || Lyra giving her Nanna her best cheesy grin! She was pretty happy with her chips and beans for lunch as a reward for being so patient during my midwife appointment.

121.366 || I seem to shy away from posed photos of Lyra, preferring instead to snap away whilst she’s busy doing something. I couldn’t resist this one today though, look at that cheesy grin! And when did she get so grown up?! I just know she’s going to look even bigger when the baby comes as well. Time could definitely slow down a little if it likes…

122.366 || I think Lyra managed to find the only puddle in Lacock today. This girl is like a magnet for dirt and mud and I love it!

123.366 || This man. He has done so much for Lyra and I this weekend including getting up with Lyra at five this morning so I could sleep, cooking about 20 freezer meals ready for when baby comes, reading Lyra approximately 100 stories all whilst making sure I was comfy/hydrated/fed. Oh and this was him comforting Lyra this afternoon when she woke up from her nap with a dead arm from sleeping on it! I honestly don’t know what I’d do without him, there’s no one else I’d rather be on this crazy parenting adventure with.

124.366 || Playing mad scientist with coloured water this morning in the garden. I am loving this sunny weather as we also got to spend all afternoon in the park!

125.366 || Grubby hands and a pot full of ‘treasures’ collected in the sunshine. That’s what childhood is all about.

126.366 || This girl is going to rock summer. I’m so excited!

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