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As I’m typing this it’s two days before the end of the month and I’m currently 4 days past my due date so it is starting to look like baby won’t be here to join in for this month’s Me and Mine. It was always a big possibility that baby would be born in June as my due date was 25th May and Lyra was 11 days late so I know that my little ones like to cook a little longer. My Mum took these photos of us at the beginning of the month on a day trip to Stourhead, when the due date still seemed so far away and we were just savouring the time left as a family of three. I wanted some nice photos before our family changed forever and I did think they would be a good back up for this month’s Me and Mine if baby decided to wait to join us.

This past month has gone ridiculously quickly as always up until the last week because time seems to slow down in the last couple of weeks of pregnancy. We’ve been taking it easy and staying closer to home than usual, just soaking up all of the calm before our lives get turned upside down again. Baby still has two days to come before May is up so who knows, this post may never see the light of day and instead I’ll be sharing our first photos as a family of four. One thing I know for sure though June’s family photos will definitely include baby! We actually have quite a busy June planned as it’s my birthday, Father’s Day and my brother is getting married so hopefully lots of chances to get some family photos.

The Me and Mine Project

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