Letter to my Unborn Child | It’s Almost Time to Meet You

Dear Littlest One,

It feels strange writing you a letter when I haven’t even met you yet but I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant and want to get some of these thoughts and feelings that are swirling around me down on paper. I know that when you arrive I’ll be wrapped up in that glorious newborn haze and forget the world outside of my little bubble exists. It probably goes without saying but I am so, so excited to meet you little one. Obviously I am more than happy for you to continue cooking for a while longer, I want you to be big and strong after all, but I can’t help but wish these last few weeks away.

When I first found out that you would be joining our family I couldn’t help but wonder how this pregnancy would differ from Lyra’s. With your first everything is new and exciting and I was worried that I wouldn’t feel the same this time around. I really needn’t have been concerned though. Not only have you thrown a few surprises my way such as your insane internal acrobatics, I also feel more excited sometimes because I know now just how amazing this parenting journey is. I know how completely world changing it feels to meet your child for the first time, to find out if they’re a boy or a girl, and to see what they look like. Knowing how good it will be just adds to the general excitement of meeting you. Thanks to your big sister some of the worries that accompanied the end of my first pregnancy are not there this time around. I’m not panicking about how I’ll hold you or what breastfeeding feels like or how to change a nappy. Although I am a little nervous about that last one if you’re a boy in there, I have no experience of that!

I can see just how excited everyone else is to meet you as well little one. Your Daddy talks about you constantly and I know that you already recognise his voice as you give your biggest wiggles when he’s around. You are so lucky to be getting him as your Daddy and I cannot wait to see you meet and then watch your bond grow as it has with Lyra. Speaking of Lyra, she’s still pretty little herself but even she’s excited in her own way. She loves cuddling up to you when she has a nap, you’ve probably felt her squishing you and I’m sorry but I don’t think that will stop when you arrive. She gives the best kisses though so you have lots of those to look forward to. And I haven’t even mentioned your grandparents and extended family, they are so excited too. I think I may go mad these next couple of weeks as they lovingly contact me regularly to see if you’re any closer to making your arrival! You are so lucky to have so many people who already love you so much and I just know that you’re going to love them too just like your big sister.

And me. Little one, I may not have met you yet but I love you already. I’m sure that I’m not going to get it right all of the time, especially in the early days as I try and learn how to be the best Mama to two little ones, but know that I love you and I will always fight for what’s best for you.

Now, you just get here safely little one. Your family is waiting.

I love you,
Very Much So xx


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