Before you become a Big Sister | Letters to Lyra

Dear little Lyra,

As I write this to you we are just a few short weeks away from welcoming your baby brother or sister into the world. You’ve only just turned two yourself, how are you supposed to understand the enormity of what’s about to happen, of how much your life is going to change?! And yet, somehow, in that innocent childlike way you seem to understand that something is happening. You’ve very much become a Mama’s girl these past few weeks and almost all naps have occurred in my arms. It’s like you know that soon you’ll have to share me and so you’re soaking up all of this one on one time whilst you can. And believe me I’ve been soaking it up as well. As excited as I am to meet your sibling I can’t help but mourn a little for the end of this chapter. This time when, for most of the week, it’s just you and me. We’re a little team you and I and, apart from the random toddler meltdowns that are starting to crop up, we get each other. We’ve had two years to learn each others ways, our likes and dislikes, and I’m nervous about throwing someone new into the mix.

There is one thing that I’m not nervous about though and that is how you will react to this new little person. I’m under no illusion that it will all be plain sailing, I know that you’ll have to adjust to sharing me, but I know for sure that you’re going to love this baby. It’s like you were born to be a big sister. You have the most caring and gentle soul, you’re quick to share everything you have, and if I ever pick you up when you’re upset you will always stroke my back in case I’m upset too. You’re obsessed with your dolls and soft toys, forever checking that they’re ok and putting them gently to bed and whenever you see a real baby you get ridiculously excited. So, no, I’m definitely not worried about you and your baby brother or sister.

I’m nervous about splitting my time and attention between the two of you. I don’t ever want you to feel ignored or like you’re second best. This little one will be helpless and demanding to start with but know that I am always, always here for you if you need me. I couldn’t do this without you Lyra, you’re the one who made me a mother. You’re the one who showed me just how much my heart could grow, you taught me patience but also to have confidence in myself and my abilities. Without you I would never have known the pure joy that comes from looking into my child’s eyes, a child that I had grown and protected for nine months and then fed and sustained by my body alone for another six. I never knew what my body and mind was capable of before you and now I have the confidence to do it all over again.

I hope that you always see your sibling as the greatest gift that I could ever give you. It may be tough to start with but in what will feel like no time at all you will have a constant friend, a partner in mischief, and I hope that you look back and thank me.

I love you little one,
Very Much So xx


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