Baby Number Two | Forty Weeks Pregnant

So, here we are, my forty week pregnancy update. My due date was yesterday and although I kind of knew I’d end up writing one of these I’m still a little disappointed that baby didn’t come early. As much as you tell yourself not to focus on that date you can’t help but mark it’s passing. So, yeah, I’m now 40 weeks pregnant!

To be honest, physically I’m feeling pretty good. My back aches at the end of the day due to carrying this bump around and I’m obviously finding it difficult getting up and down quickly but I can’t really complain too much. Most days I can still get down to play on the floor with Lyra and although I now struggle on long walks I can still manage short ones. Heartburn has really kicked it up a notch this past week though so I’m munching my way through the Rennies and I’m having to get up at least twice a night to use the toilet which is obviously leaving me tired in the morning. These are all pretty standard pregnancy problems though and I know that I’m incredibly lucky to be getting off this lightly. I thought I’d be brave this update and share a couple of bare belly photos as I don’t think I’ve shared any at all this pregnancy and I’m not sure how many more bump photos I’ll take. I haven’t shared any before because of my stretch marks which I know is silly and I know my body is growing a baby but sometimes you can’t help but be a little insecure. I didn’t get any stretch marks until I went overdue with Lyra and then my body just broke out in them. Most of the ones you can see are from then, I don’t think I’ve gained many extra this pregnancy my old ones have just grown!

Emotionally, well, that’s a lot tougher at 40 weeks pregnant. I swing wildly between desperately wishing my body into labour so I can meet the little one and get my body back, to kind of hoping it stays in longer as I feel so unprepared. I worry about how Lyra will cope with the change, and to be honest I’m nervous about going through labour again. Last time really wasn’t the easiest and so I’m desperate for this one to be closer to the picture I had in my head. I know that that’s unlikely to be the case but I’d love for the chance to have a more mobile, active labour this time round.

Whatever happens this will be my last pregnancy update here and the next time I will be introducing baby. I’m trying to focus on the fact I have a maximum of about ten days to go now, I’m not doing anything to try and hurry it along as I know from experience that just stresses me out. This little one will come when it’s ready and I just need to be patient. If I say that enough maybe I’ll start feeling it too!

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