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This weekend we really wanted to take things easy. The weekend before we had travelled to London to celebrate Lyra’s birthday and whilst we had lots of fun I must admit that I was left a little broken by the end of it. So, I’ve been taking it very easy this week to recover and I didn’t want to undo all of that by doing too much this weekend. I’m so glad we decided to slow things down a little because I ended up having a pretty perfect couple of days.

We took our time both days to get up and ready. I mean, we have a toddler, so of course we were woken at six but Matt and I took it in turns to come downstairs with Lyra giving the other one a little lie in. And once we were all awake we didn’t rush to get breakfast or dressed or anything which made a lovely change. We managed to get a few chores done as well which always leaves me feeling happy and productive and less guilty when we head out the door to find adventure.

Our adventures both days were quite short by our standards but certainly long enough for Lyra to run around and tire herself out but not too long that I ended up suffering. On the Saturday we headed to Pipley Wood which is just outside of Bath and Sunday we walked up to Heaven’s Gate on the Longleat Estate. Both were places we’ve never explored before which was fun and both had lots of trees and therefore sticks so Lyra was in her element. To be honest most of the time though I was just walking slowly whilst watching Matt and Lyra run around and hearing her giggle as he chases her around is my favourite thing ever.

As I get closer to my due date I find myself wanting to stay closer to home but at the same time I’m always happiest when out exploring with my family. This weekend reminded me that I can have both. We don’t need to go on big days out to have fun, all I need is a walk through the woods with my husband and daughter.

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