The 6th of April | Two Years On

All three photos above were taken on the 6th April. Matt took the one on the left in 2014 on what was Lyra’s due date. In that bump was a fully cooked little girl who would join us just 11 days later and turn our world upside down. I say just but that 11 days went so, so slowly at the time! The middle photo was taken in 2015, when I was almost at the end of the first year of motherhood and I actually wrote a blog post at the time which perfectly sums up my feelings.

This year my body is going through so many changes again. This year I’m lucky enough to be holding my daughter in my arms whilst my second child is safely cooking inside me. I feel like this year is a combination of the two that came before. I’m once again on the cusp of something new, I’m nervous about the new life within and how our family will change but I’m also so full of love already. I’m fully settled in to this role as Mama to Lyra, embracing the chaos that comes with it and still learning all the time as she grows. We’re already learning to adapt to the changes, Lyra and I. I’m finding new ways to hold her, to play with her, to love her and she in turn is learning to be patient and gentle and to slow down a little. All attributes which will see her well as a big sister. A big sister, I can’t wait to see her take on that role.

I can only begin to dream about what the next April 6th may look like. My body may be changing, that much is plain to see, but my heart? My heart is unrecognisable now, so fundamentally changed these past two years, growing with love day by day and showing no signs of stopping. That is what these photos show me.

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