My 366 Project | Week #16

Toddler holding flower dandelion

106.366 || Today was much better. We managed a walk on the way back from my midwife appointment, Lyra napped for the first time this week and I managed to get our packing sorted for our weekend away. I should probably mention that Lyra learnt a new skill today. Unfortunately it was how to unlock and open a bathroom door whilst I was in it at the doctors surgery!

Plastic zoo animals on baby bump

107.366 || We travelled up to London for the weekend to celebrate Lyra’s second birthday. Travelling with a very nearly two year old whilst 34 weeks pregnant exhausted me! I didn’t even pull my camera out until the evening and my creativity stretched as far as plastic animals on my bump before heading off to bed!

Toddler blowing out candles birthday cake

108.366 || Lyra turned two! Even though we were away from home we still started the day with cake for breakfast. Lyra had a tiger cake made by her Auntie and Uncle before we spent the day at London Zoo. Perfect!

dad carrying toddler in Hyde Park

109.366 || We were travelling back to Bath today after our weekend in London and I snapped this photo as we were killing time in Hyde Park. Lyra was between meltdowns and Matt was carrying her in the hopes she’d fall asleep. Not long after I took this photo Lyra fell over and smacked her head! Cue lots more tears and me having to carry her to Paddington station when she eventually fell asleep. Oh, it was an eventful day!

110.366 || Well, what a day. I woke up this morning in lots of pain which resulted in a quick hospital visit. Turned out I managed to pull a muscle in my bump whilst carrying Lyra after her fall yesterday. Luckily she’s fine despite the bruise on her head, baby is all good too and I just need a couple of days of rest. Phew.

baby sleepsuits hanging on washing line

111.366 || Is there anything better than tiny white sleep suits on the washing line?! This is the first bit of prep I’ve done and I can’t quite believe there will be a baby to go in these in a maximum of seven weeks!

112.366 || Both challenging and magical in equal measures. And by that I mean Lyra specifically and this motherhood gig in general.

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  1. 23rd April 2016 / 6:19 am

    Oh Lyra what a new skill!! I love the shot of the animals on the bump, it just seems to sum up pregnancy with older children perfectly!!

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