My 366 Project | Week #14

92.366 || Things I want to remember – the way she so carefully draws even at this young age. I love the thought and concentration she puts into everything!

93.366 || I took this before we headed out on our date day yesterday. It’s so rare that we get a photo just the two of us (well 2.5 at the moment) that I had to grab one even though I look approximately the size of a house!

94.366 || My little leaf picking fairy

95.366 || Today was one of those tough days. One of those really long, really tough days where this little one would not stop crying and making ridiculous demands. And so the only photo I managed was when she finally fell asleep, marker pens on her face and all! Here’s to a better day tomorrow.

96.366 || Collecting leaves in the sunshine. Love my little explorer.

97.366 || I didn’t take many photos today. I don’t know why but there are bound to be days like this throughout the year. I did manage to snap this one of Lyra in her element though, outside with a stick and a stone!

98.366 || I always look forward to days when Matt can work from home. It meant I got a sneaky extra half an hour in bed this morning and Matt got to join us on a lunchtime walk.

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