Lyra Behind the Camera | First photos

Lyra recently got a camera for her birthday and is thoroughly enjoying snapping pictures of anything and everything. Her fingers are a little too small to reach around the handle to press the shutter button (it’s designed for three year olds) and so every time she wants to take a photo she has to turn the camera slightly. This has resulted in a lot of photos of her sleeves and coat! Every time she hears the electronic shutter noise she giggles though and to be honest she seems to be getting so much enjoyment from playing with it that the photos are almost an added bonus. I’ve just been clearing out the camera ready for our trip to London this weekend, because I’m sure she’ll need the space on it for trying to take photos at the zoo, and I thought I’d share a couple of her first pictures. I know this isn’t everybody’s thing and I apologise in advance for spamming you all with her photos but this blog is primarily a place to document our lives and I think it would be really fun to post her pictures now and again to see what catches her eye and how it develops.

Lyra’s very first photo!

I love this little selfie.

So there we go, Lyra’s very first attempt at being behind the camera. I love the last one of her. I think I had to go through about 200 photos and a lot of them were either black screens or just blurry coat shots but it was worth it to see the few pictures that she’d managed to capture. Now let’s see what she manages to photograph in London this weekend!

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