Before you turn Two | Letters to Lyra

toddler being cheeky exploring

Dear Little Lyra,

It’s been so long since I wrote you one of these letters darling girl and for that I’m sorry. It feels like life has been on fast forward recently and your growth with it. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I wrote you this letter on the eve of your first birthday and I really couldn’t get over how different you looked in those photos! In my mind you’re still my baby girl when in truth there’s no baby left in you, you are all toddler.

As I’m typing this you’re asleep snuggled against my body in that special way that only you fit. I should be napping with you, after all I’m growing your baby brother or sister, but I can’t help but watch you. I’m soaking in all that one year old goodness before you turn two. This year it’s a big one for you little Lyra because not only do you turn two tomorrow but you also become a big sister in the next couple of months. So you see why I can’t resist avoiding sleep just to appreciate this quiet time just you and I. I know that you can’t really understand what’s going on but you sleep with your hand resting on my belly as if you are aware that changes are afoot.

This year has gone oh so quickly and it has been an absolute pleasure to be beside you as you navigate life. Watching you discover something new whilst out exploring is my new favourite thing in the world. The joy you get from the simplest of things reminds me to slow down and open my eyes a little more. In truth you have taught me so much this year. I am so grateful to be your Mama. Thank you for choosing me.

Sleep well little one for tomorrow is a new adventure.

I love you Lyra Jo,
Very much so xxx

Toddler jumping outdoors


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