Baby Number Two | 36 Weeks Pregnant

Yesterday I turned 36 weeks pregnant. Eek! That means I have a maximum of six weeks left until I meet our second child (I’m still not holding out much hope that it will come on time). I know that I wrote this in my 32 week update but I honestly do not know where the time has gone, I just hope that it continues to fly by because I’m getting pretty eager to meet this little one now. I spend a lot of my time at the moment daydreaming about how they will look and whether it’s a boy or girl cooking in there. For some reason I thought that I wouldn’t do that as much this time since I’ve gone through pregnancy and birth once before but the only difference is that I wonder if the new baby will look like Lyra or not. It’s just made it even more exciting, if that’s even possible!

In my last update I wrote about how I was really struggling with low energy levels and I am very happy to say that the iron tablets seem to working to some extent. They made me so sick to start with and of course I’m still tired almost all of the time but it’s not the same all consuming exhaustion that I was feeling before. I have a midwife appointment tomorrow and she will check my levels again so hopefully they will have risen. Or it’s all in my mind but either way I’ve felt better these past couple of weeks so I’m happy with that. The other thing that this appointment is for is to go through my birth preferences and of course that has got me thinking about my labour with Lyra. It wasn’t the easiest labour and although there is lots I’d like to do differently this time, I know looking back that that was just the way the labour headed and there were factors out of my control that influenced it. I’m trying not to get too nervous about history repeating itself and instead focusing on the positives of my last birth experience. What will be will be and at the end of the day I will have my baby and that is all that matters.

I am feeling so big now! I’ve got to the stage now where a lot of my maternity clothes no longer fit but I really don’t want to buy any more as I’m so close to the end so I’m just wearing the same couple of outfits over and over. I am so looking forward to fitting into normal clothes again although I know from experience that a breastfeeding friendly wardrobe is just as difficult sometimes. This baby is still super active, to the point that it’s actually painful at times. Baby likes to stretch it’s legs out so I have it’s bum on one side of my bump and feet on the other. Ouch. I think because it moves so vigorously most of the time I really notice when it’s gone quiet although it rarely stays still for very long. Saying that though I did go into hospital to be monitored early last week as I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t feel baby moving. It was the first time I’ve been in to be checked in either of my pregnancies and it was my own stupid fault really. Whilst we were in London Lyra fell and banged her head and only I would do to calm her screaming. She ended up falling asleep in my arms and I carried her a lot longer than I should have. Turns out I managed to pull a muscle in the top of my bump so last week was for taking it very slowly and giving myself time to recover. Everything is fine now but I am being stricter with myself about carrying Lyra, well trying to anyway.

I think that’s everything that has happened in the past four weeks. I’m sure I’ll be back with a 40 week update because I have a feeling this little one will take after their big sister and keep us waiting.

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