Weekend Adventuring | Matt’s Birthday

This past weekend was my very first weekend of maternity leave and it was Matt’s birthday so I knew that it was going to be a special one. The reality of the past two days totally blew my expectations out of the water though, it was that good! We didn’t do anything spectacular and I know to many our weekend may seem ordinary but we got to be together, we got to be outside and we ate some good food. That adds up to a pretty amazing weekend for me and Matt, especially since I’ve been working almost every weekend for the past 15 months.

Birthdays in our house always start the same way, cake in bed for breakfast. It’s a tradition that Matt and I love and although Lyra is still very young she’s fully embraced the idea of cake for breakfast! This year I made Matt a chocolate cake with mint choc chip icing and I’ve got to say I was pretty pleased with my efforts. So, after cake eating and present opening we got ourselves up, dressed and ready to go out. We were out by 10.30 and the first place on our itinerary was Southwick Country Park for a walk in the fresh air. Lyra was in her element running around, picking up sticks and stones to show us and splashing in muddy puddles. Perfect. We could have stayed there all day but after one short circuit of their grounds (and almost two hours later) we were hungry and so jumped back in the car in search of food.

We found food at The Tollgate Inn in the form of delicious roast dinners for Matt and I and ham, egg and chips for Lyra. Once we were refuelled our final destination of the day was a National Trust property called The Courts Garden. Matt and I had been here a few times in the years before Lyra was born but I don’t think we’ve had the chance to go back all together since she was born. I think that’s right anyway, we certainly haven’t been as a family since she’s been walking. We ended up staying here so much longer than I expected us to! Lyra was in to everything and loved examining all of the trees. Of course there were more sticks for her to collect and lots of dirt to dig in so she was in her element. I love that it’s such a safe place for her to explore so I could just stand back and take some photos of her doing her own thing. Matt even managed to take some photos of my ever growing bump which is nice as I haven’t had much chance to this time around.

So as you can see our weekend may appear quite ordinary but often it’s those everyday ordinary moments which you really treasure. We had nowhere particular to be, nothing that had to be done and we could just enjoy being together and adventuring. I hope Matt had a good birthday because he deserves it with everything he does for our little family. I hope he knows just how loved he is. I mean look at Lyra’s face in the photo below, it’s clear she adores him!

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