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We have approximately around ten more weekends as a family of three before our newest member arrives and we have things planned for almost all of them. I desperately want to squeeze in as many adventures as possible before the end of May especially since I’ve missed out on so many weekends whilst working this past year. But sometimes, well actually most of the time, when you’re pregnant you’re tired and so this weekend I really wasn’t up to much. We had some little jobs to do around the house in preparation for Lyra’s birthday and baby number two so we decided to stay home this weekend and crack on with those.

We couldn’t make it all the way through the weekend without a little everyday adventure or two so on the Saturday we planned to do jobs all morning, have lunch then head for a walk through a local patch of woodland. Which was a great plan. Except Lyra climbed up on me straight after lunch and fell asleep on me. For two hours! This from a girl who never normally naps for longer than half an hour so we kept expecting her to wake up any moment. By the time she’d woken up we were only an hour and a half away from her usual dinner time and so we ummed and ahhed about heading out but decided to give it a go since Lyra would need to burn off some new found energy anyway.

We drove to this patch of woodland and as soon as we got out of the car Lyra was off. She found herself a stick, jumped through the mud and generally busied herself exploring. That left Matt and I to walk behind her, holding hands and chatting about how gosh darn cute our daughter is. Along the path we came across some cows which Lyra was fascinated by, she tried to get as close as possible to them and wouldn’t stop mooing. That was pretty cute!

After dragging her away from the cows we came to a stretch of path, flanked by trees which were dotted with fairy doors. We then spent the next half hour clambering over roots and searching for these little doors that Lyra would then knock on with a stick. As she was circling the trees trying to find the doors she kept saying ‘not here’ ‘not here’ which again was pretty cute. Oh and as you can see she spent the whole walk wearing bunny ears. Did I mention that she was just the cutest?! Before we knew it we were already past Lyra’s dinner time, it was getting cold and so it was time to head back to the car.

Sometimes, it’s those little adventures that are the most fun. The ones where you break from routine and head out with no expectations can show you how lucky you really are.

We’ve also decided to start filming our weekend adventures to better hoard all of those wonderful family memories. You can check out our Youtube channel to see old videos and here’s the one from this weekend.

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