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Despite taking hundreds of photos of my little family and everyday life you’ll rarely see a picture of my house on here. Maybe snippets here and there, you can piece bits together from the backgrounds of different photos but you certainly won’t be seeing a room tour from me any time soon. I’m not actively trying to hide it but it simply does not inspire me.

We rent our current house and although it’s much bigger than the flat we used to live in, our family is bigger too. Because it’s rented though we are limited in what we can do to improve it. It’s full of our furniture, it has our photos all over the walls but sometimes it needs more than that. For example, if I owned our house I think that the first thing I’d do is get rid of the woodchip wallpaper that is in every room. I hate it so much! We’ve painted all of the walls so that the colour is more us but oh what I wouldn’t do for smooth walls!

Obviously if I allow myself to daydream a little I’d love to have a more updated kitchen in our house as ours is old and basic. The room is cold and if we put things in one particular cupboard they’ll end up damp with the dreaded mould on them. So yeah, not ideal. I’d love to have something clean and white and modern to cook my family’s meals in.

And if I allowed myself to really go crazy with what I’d love to do in this house if I owned it well what I’d want to do is go up. Our family is growing in a few months’ time and our two little ones will need to share a room at some point. Now I know that that’s not really a big deal but Lyra’s room doubles up as our guest room since our nearest family live two hours away. I’d love an attic conversion where we could put our master bedroom, where Matt and I would have a little retreat. I’d have to have big windows up there because our house is on the top of a hill and from the attic would have beautiful views of Bath. There are a lot of houses around us though so we’d definitely need some VELUX blinds to protect our privacy whilst up there. We’d be able to shut them and block out the world whilst chatting about the silly, cute things our children had done that day. Perfect.

So you see, I do a lot of daydreaming about this house. And maybe it’s wrong to say that the house doesn’t inspire me. It inspires me to keep working towards the next step, to owning our house and filling it with everything we want. Smooth walls, nice kitchens and adult space. But most of all filling it with love because that is one thing that this house is definitely not short of. Because really, at the end of the day, it’s the people we fill our house with that make it a home.

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