My 366 Project | Week #9

57.366 || We weren’t out for long today as it was freezing! Whilst we were out Lyra refused to wear a hat despite the cold, well until I offered her mine anyway. Toddlers, hey?!

58.366 || Saturdays don’t leave much time for creativity so please excuse the photo. But this is my family, Saturday morning eating scrambled eggs before we all get dressed and I head to work. I’m so excited that this rushed Saturday routine is soon to be over, just one more before maternity leave…

59.366 || Mornings. Photo taken by Matt but I set it up and edited it so it still counts right?! I suddenly panicked that they’ll be no photos with me in them at the end of this 366. I want Lyra to look back and see that I was there, even for the everyday moments.

60.366 || Mondays are a tough day in our house as Matt and I both work. At least I got to see the back of this little one’s head when I got home and it felt good knowing that this was my last Monday! Just Saturday left to work and I’m on maternity leave. Can’t wait!

61.366 || Today was a good day. The type of day where you get to lick the cake mixture off of the spoon. We all deserve days like that.

62.366 || Today I am 28 weeks pregnant! Time is starting to pick up speed and my feet are rapidly disappearing from view.

63.366 || Today has been a busy one but this little one has been a dream, just so much fun. Now if only the little one that I’m still cooking would change position in there, that would be great.

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