My 366 Project | Week #12

78.366 || Oh my, look at this beautiful creature that I created! 😍
Today we slowed right down after a busy week and we just enjoyed each others company, playing games and watching TV. That bump on her head is a new addition from running around yesterday, girl is fearless and that often leads to scrapes and bruises these days.

79.366 || I love these two cuties! We’re having a lazy weekend together and it’s pretty much the best thing ever.

80.366 || My little bunny 😍
Today was a quiet one with only a short walk outside as I was feeling tired all day. We still has fun all together though and that’s what our weekends are all about now!

81.366 || This morning was a tough one. A really tough one as Lyra threw tantrum after tantrum. Luckily strawberries in the sunshine solve everything.

82.366 || The ever present stick has been joined by a magnifying glass. Love this little toddler of mine.

83.366 || I know that I’m not posting many candid photos at the moment but Lyra’s going through a stage where she wants to pose for the camera. And how could I resist that face?!

84.366 || Baking with a toddler. Always fun and always very messy!

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