My 366 Project | Week #10

64.366 || I picked a dandelion for Lyra whilst out walking today and she clutched it to herself like I’d given her a precious jewel. Oh to see the world through the eyes of a child…

65.366 || This was it. Today was the last time I had to say goodbye to these two cuties to go to work. Here’s to a maternity leave full of love and adventures, both before and after our new little one arrives.

66.366 || Mother’s Day. This photo perhaps best sums up our day. There were many tears but also lots of love. As with most things that you’re looking forward to it never goes to plan, Lyra had just fallen in a puddle right before this photo was taken and she also threw up at dinner! We were together though and at the end of the day that’s all that really matters.

67.366 || This little one never naps led down on her own so when she decided to today I just had to document it! She’s growing so fast now but when she sleeps I can still see the baby she once was.

68.366 || The two things this little one loves most…puddles and sticks! Lyra was a complete star today even when my midwife appointment was half an hour late, she sat so patiently in the waiting room. So we took the long way home past the biggest puddles I could find.

69.366 || The weather was pants today so we stayed inside all day. I always feel so guilty if we don’t go outside at least once in a day although Lyra was happy enough to build towers.

70.366 || Today was awesome. Messy play, walks in the park, lunch out and some shopping. All with this little bunny and one of my closest friends. Perfect.

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