Feeding my Toddler*

Lyra is such a good eater and has been pretty much since she started on solids at about six months. Actually, that’s a lie, she’s been a good eater since we gave up on purées and tried baby led weaning. She’ll now typically try anything that’s put in front of her and it’s quite rare for her to turn down something that we’ve made for her. Which is obviously wonderful and we’re very grateful that it is so stress free at meal times.

I promise that I’m not just saying this to brag or anything but to highlight the area of feeding Lyra that we struggle with. And that’s with quick and easy meals. She’s certainly not a chicken nugget and chips kind of girl and of course I wouldn’t want her to be eating unhealthily when I can help it. But sometimes you’re in a rush or maybe you’ve come home later than you planned and everything will take too long to cook. We’d tried Lyra with a lot of ‘ready meal’ style toddler meals but Lyra would never get on with them. To be honest I found a lot of them to be reminiscent of purées or mashed food. Since Lyra didn’t like that at six months I can’t see what enjoyment she’d get from them at almost two. So up until now my fall back quick meal has been scrambled egg and spinach on toast. Lyra eats it and and it’s quick but it’s hardly exciting is it?!

I’ve been looking around for another option so when Kiddyum contacted me and asked if I’d like to try some of their meals I jumped at the chance. They really appealed because one, they have no added sugars and no artificial colours or flavourings and two, they’re freezer meals that can be cooked from frozen. I thought that this would be particularly useful since we have baby number two due in just a couple of months and may not have the chance every night in those first few weeks to cook Lyra a meal from scratch. This would all be great as long as Lyra liked them. And that is the real test.

So far Lyra has tried the Macaroni Bolognese, Fish Pie, and Chicken Curry and she has loved them all. I’m talking empty bowl loved them. They look much more like home cooked meals and less like runny, mashed up baby food like we’ve found others that we’ve tried. They’re full of vegetables and I mean vegetables that you can see and identify which is always nice. I think that you can tell we’re fans and we’ll definitely be stocking up on more of these for those days when you just need something quick, easy and healthy to feed your toddler.

*I was sent a sample of Kiddyum meals for the purpose of review however all words and opinions are entirely my own.

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