Everyday Adventuring | Winter Beach Walks

I grew up on the coast and I still miss having a beach on my doorstep despite moving to Bath almost ten years ago. I really want Lyra to grow up with a sense of appreciation for the sea and the coast beyond the typical ‘seaside’ experience. I’d love her to be able to see the beauty of a rocky beach when it’s wild and windy and your fingers are going numb. That might just be me though!

Last week Lyra and I headed down to Dorset to visit my parents and grandparents. My Mum and Dad still live in the house that I grew up in so it’s always such a surreal but lovely experience to take Lyra there. We even sleep in my childhood bedroom and although it’s been redecorated it never fails to transport me back in time to my teenage years and I can’t quite believe that I’m already old enough to be married with a family of my own.

Anyway, that wasn’t the point of this post. The point was supposed to be that whilst visiting Dorset we can visit the places that I used to as a child. That of course includes beaches. Now I know that we’re practically in Spring at this point but it was cold and windy when we went for our walk, the beach was deserted and it certainly felt like winter. Lyra has only been to the beach a handful of times and most of those were in Spain on holiday so I was curious to see how she’d react. She loved it! As soon as we stepped onto the beach she wanted to feel the sand and once she’d done that she was pretty much hooked. She then noticed that there were shells dotted amongst the sand and when off to collect her favourites. We did walk down to the waters edge but to be honest she barely noticed the sea as her gaze was permanently directed to the ground looking for shells.

After what felt like forever in that cold wind we had to practically drag Lyra away so that we could go and get some lunch. She may have left with a pocket full of shells but I came away with a very full heart after getting to watch my daughter enjoy somewhere so important to me. I see a lot of visits to the coast in our future!

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