Easter 2016 | Our Easter Sunday

Oh my, have we enjoyed this long weekend off together. I think the last time we had four days together was back in October so it took us a little while to get back into the swing of it. On Friday we seemed to fill the day with as much activity as possible and whilst it was very fun I was exhausted by the end of it. Saturday we took it at a slightly slower pace but I finally got some of that pregnancy nesting feeling so we sorted out a lot of things around the house. But Sunday, well Sunday I felt like we finally got the hang of this relaxing long weekend thing.

Our day began with eggs (of course, it was Easter Sunday after all) although we did start with the scrambled variety before moving on to the chocolate ones. Lyra was spoiled by family as per usual and it was nice that there were some non chocolate gifts mixed in there as well. My Mum even bought Lyra a Disney film which is something she used to do for me and my brother when we were little. Although ours were VHSs and not BluRays! After pottering around most of the morning Lyra and I snuggled up on the sofa to watch the Lion King. About ten minutes in Lyra fell asleep on me but I enjoyed the film whilst being cuddled up with her. I mean a Sunday doesn’t get better than that. Except it does because Matt cooked us a delicious pork roast at the same time!

Once we had stuffed our faces we decided to go out for a walk because there was a break in the rain and Lyra was full of energy after her uncharacteristically long nap. We dressed her in her frog puddle suit and wellies because it was pretty wet out and because my daughter is incapable of resisting a puddle. It was a good job we’d wrapped her up because she managed to find the biggest puddle and entertained herself for who knows how long by splashing in it with a stick. She ended up covered in muddy water and I mean covered, she even had it all over her face. We certainly attracted some funny looks from other walkers but quite frankly who cares. Lyra was having the time of her life and it wasn’t hurting anyone. One of my favourite things in the world is to watch Lyra interacting with the world around her and exploring nature in whatever form. I love it.

So once we had managed to drag Lyra away from the puddle it was time for a slow walk home, Lyra’s dinner and then bedtime. It was a near perfect lazy Sunday and it was made even better by the knowledge that Matt didn’t have to go to work on Monday. I can’t believe how quickly our Easter weekend has gone and I find it slightly scary to think that the next time we have any length of time off as a family will be when baby number two joins us in May/June!

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