Easter 2016 | Easter Egg Trail at Dyrham Park

It’s no secret on this blog that we’re big fans of the National Trust and of Dyrham Park in particular. The past year we haven’t been as much as we would have liked due to me working weekends but now that I’m on maternity leave we’re planning lots of fun little trips and I absolutely cannot wait until we’re taking our two children with us. Lyra’s at a funny age at the moment because she doesn’t ‘get’ things like Christmas or Easter yet but she definitely knows something is going on so we don’t want to miss out on all of the seasonal activities and fun.

We weren’t sure if Lyra would understand the idea of an Easter Egg Hunt this year but the weather was so, so beautiful on Friday and we love going to Dyrham Park anyway so we thought we’d give the Cadbury’s Easter Egg Hunt a go. I mean, what did we have to lose? Turns out everybody had the same idea as us and we actually had to queue for a parking space for the first time ever although it probably didn’t help that we only arrived at 1pm. Usually when the park is looking quite busy we’d head off in our own direction, more often than not towards our special tree, and it’s never long before the crowd thins and we feel like the only people there. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy going to Dyrham Park. This time, however, we were determined to give the egg trail a go and so we found ourselves following the crowd.

It was completely worth the crowd though. Lyra didn’t care how many people were around us, she just enjoyed finding the eggs dangling from the trees. Obviously she couldn’t count them or read the letters to solve the trail but ran off in front clutching her magnifying glass (of course) before running excitedly back to us every time she spotted something. It was so much fun for Matt and I to see her so engaged and excited as this was the first time we’ve really done any organised activity with her. It gave me a real glimpse into the little girl that she’s going to become and I loved it. At the end of the trail she collected her well deserved chocolate bunny and plonked herself down by a tree to eat it. Of course being the responsible parents that we are, Matt and I couldn’t let her eat the whole thing so we ‘helped’. Haha.

The rest of our visit was spent running around after Lyra and soaking up the sun. We sat in the gardens for a bit as I was starting to tire and Lyra ran off to play with some other children which was really cute to watch. On the walk back to the car we had to stop by Lyra’s tree to see how it’s growing and take a couple of family photos and then it was time to head home. To be honest I probably did way too much walking and I certainly paid for it on Saturday but it’s easy to forget you’re seven months pregnant when you’re having such a good time with your family. Oh well, it was worth it to be out and about in the sunshine in such a beautiful place.


We also filmed a little video of our day. I love filming these sorts of videos and I know that I’ll watch them over and over especially when Lyra is grown and I’m old and grey!

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