My 366 Project | Week #8

50.366 || I felt like I was coming down with something this morning but decided to head out for a walk with Lyra anyway as the sun was shining. Lyra enjoyed exploring as always but I am definitely ill. Grr! Although it’s not surprising with the amount of illness going around my house this week.

51.366 || As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been struck down with a cold now. Luckily Lyra had been entertaining me whilst I sit feeling sorry for myself in the sofa.

52.366 || Today was a sick day for me so no work. Matt went out for lunch with his Dad and Lyra so I had two very quiet hours to myself in the house. This was pretty much my view the whole two hours, laptop, tissues and a cup of tea whilst I snuggled on the bed.

53.366 || Oh FFS, looks like Lyra has now caught the cold that Matt and I have. I am so ready for February to be over, it’s not been a fun month. Luckily (I guess) I was still off work sick today as all this little one wanted to do was cuddle, sleep and watch Shaun the Sheep.

54.366 || Today was a good day. Lyra woke up in the best mood, the sun was shining and we headed out for a walk. After an hour or two of stick collecting it was almost like the past few weeks hadn’t happened.

55.366 || Don’t let the blue skies deceive you, all was not sunny and happy today. Lyra was determined to push my buttons and threw countless tantrums. Fresh air and sunshine just made it easier to deal with.

56.366 || I didn’t take many photos today as I was running around after a particularly energetic Lyra. She was constantly on the go until she needed a snack that is…

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